Wheel Alignment

October 14, 2016

Wheel Alignment, Why and When
Until I talked to the owners of Light Truck and Auto, my new auto repair shop in Burkburnett, Texas, I never thought about the need for a wheel alignment. I drove my car for six years before I had my wheel alignment checked.

Why My Car Drove to One Side
While driving down the road, I sometimes held the steering wheel lightly to see how my car tracked. It always creeped to one side, which I blamed on the grade of the road. When I took my car in for a checkup, I discovered my wheels caused the problem because of the poor alignment.

Not Wheel Alignment Only
Light Truck and Auto included several inspections when I took my car in for its first wheel alignment. They took the time and opportunity to check the critical parts of the steering and suspension components, too.

What Caused my Wheels’ Faulty Alignment?
The Mechanic at Burke Light Truck and Auto explained that any jarring of the suspension, such as hitting a bump, throws the alignment off. He also said that other parts, for example, tie rod ends, wear out. On my six-year-old car, they discovered a bent tie rod and suggested replacing them. Soon, the mechanic completed the tune up and alignment. My car ran smoothly and safely.

The Extra Mile
Light Truck and Auto not only tuned my car and fixed the alignment, they also provided a vehicle safety inspection. They don’t allow any vehicle out of the shop unless they prove its safe condition with a “Once-Over Safety Inspection.” Their safety inspection covers the major components of a vehicle for the owner’s security.

Call Light Truck and Auto

If you want the best mechanics in the Wichita Falls or Burkburnett areas, call Burke Light Truck and Auto. With two locations, you receive an inspection and exemplary service for your vehicle. They provide quality service and deliver your vehicle serviced and safe.

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