My Air Filter

June 16, 2016

I had a problem with a used Mercedes-Benz 450 SL sports car I had just bought. I was driving home, still a couple of states away. The car unexpectedly quit running. I was towed to the vehicle repair shop, Burke Light Truck and Auto, in Burkburnett, Texas. I learned something new.

The tow truck driver made his recommendation, “Those guys can fix anything.” Not knowing “who’s who in the zoo” for auto repairs in Burkburnett, Texas, I heeded his advice.

It was getting late Sunday. The tow truck driver made a call to Burke Light Truck and Auto to set me up for the next morning.

Information I learned
One of the mechanics had set a time for us to meet after church. He pulled up right on time. After introductions, he said, “We aren’t usually open on Sundays, but let’s see what we can do to get you on your way.”

The mechanic went on to explain that there are three requirements for a vehicle to run. Any troubleshooting should begin in these three areas:

  • Fuel
  • Air
  • Electrical

He first checked the injectors and said, “Fuel isn’t the problem.” He then checked the electrical and found no problem there.

As he untwisted the bolts for the air filter cover, dust began to fall out. A grin creased his face, as he chuckled. Taking the air filter cap off, the mechanic said, “I think we’ve found your problem. Your air filter has done its job and kept the dust out of your engine. But the clogged filter has starved your engine of air.”

I told the mechanic I had just bought the beautiful car. In my hurry to get home, I didn’t have it serviced. He explained, “Even the best air filter can take only so much abuse. Every car manufacturer has an air filter change recommendation. But, your filter should be checked at least once per month, and be changed when it’s dirty.”

Stop by Burke Light Truck and Auto. They’ll check your air filter every time. That’s just one of the services they provide their customers. They want a well-functioning, worry-free vehicle. It’ll be safe to drive.

There are three check points to make my vehicle run. There are vehicle repair shops out there who care about customer care, satisfaction, and service. I found a jewel at Burke Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett, Texas. If you need your air filter checked or your vehicle repaired in the Burkburnett, Texas area, accept my recommendation.

Call Burke Light Truck and Auto today at (940) 569-9344 to make an appointment with their experts.