Keep Your Vehicle Working

February 15, 2017

In the good old days, vehicles were simple. Many of us took pleasure and pride keeping our vehicle in great shape. However, now vehicles combine the complexities of the digital age with the gasoline engine. Just finding the oil drain plug requires a Herculean effort.

Disposal of oil and other lubricants and fluids limit our ability to change oil at home. Most people don’t have the space needed for mechanical work. Tools cost too much, especially when the tools are specialized.

In today’s hectic world you need some basic knowledge to keep your expensive vehicle in top running condition.

Six Ways to Keep Your Vehicle Working

  • Change your Oil. Read the manual to find out the specific manufacturer recommendation for the amount of time between oil changes. If the mechanic changes the oil, then make sure he changes the oil filter. This keeps your vehicle engine clean and well lubricated.
  • Stay Away From Curbs. Rubbing the tires on the curb causes unnecessary wear on the tires. However, jumping curbs causes damage to tires, rims, and wheel hub bearings. It can cause poor vehicle alignment and bend steel parts.
  • Watch for Potholes. Avoid these terrible holes whenever possible. They cause undercarriage damage, alignment problems, and wheel imbalance. Your tires wear faster and occasionally blowout due to potholes.
  • Close the Windows and Sunroof. If the weather changes and you forgot to close the windows or sunroof, then the interior gets damaged. Weather or animal damage may occur when you leave your vehicle open. That means electronic damage, upholstery damage, or possibly, theft.
  • Check Fluid Levels. Regularly check the major fluid levels. Include oil, transmission fluid, and windshield washer fluid when you check the levels. Filling these fluids is easy and saves time and money.
  • Service the Vehicle Regularly. Take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic for a regular service check. This keeps your vehicle working as long as you care for it.

If you need a qualified service facility with mechanics you can trust, then Light Truck and Auto is the answer. Light Truck and Auto has a sister facility, Park Light Truck and Auto. They boast the same great mechanics and good, honest work ethic.
Light Truck and Auto

The owners and staff of Light Truck and Auto provide a top-to-bottom safety check of your vehicle. You get honest, respectful, cost-effective service from these certified mechanics. Your vehicle leaves their shop in top-working order. Come by and introduce yourself to their passionate, friendly service.

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