How to Choose the Right Tires

September 2, 2016

Choosing the Right Tires

The right tires on your vehicle are critical to your safety and all who ride with you. Similar to having a vehicle in good mechanical condition, having the right tires can make or break a critical driving situation.

Consider driving in rain on a windswept road, when you suddenly have to turn very fast to avoid impending danger. The wrong tires may fail just when you need them most.

The good folks at Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett, Texas put together a few pointers about choosing tires. They not only look forward to servicing your vehicle, they’ll gladly help you select the right tires. They focus on keeping you and your vehicle safe. Ensuring you have the right tires keeps you safe.

What Your Tires Do for You
Your tires do more than support your vehicle as the principal contact point between it and the ground. Read these few major reasons you need the right tires:

1. They allow you to steer your car properly.
2.They make your ride more enjoyable by absorbing bumps in the road.
3. They transmit directional forces from your vehicle when you have to turn quickly, reducing the potential impact force of an accident.

Choose the Right Tires
First, make sure your new tires are the correct size which includes the diameter of the tire. Some of the new flatter profile tires make quite a difference.

Second, choose a tire that suits driving conditions. Driving on pavement or off-road for a majority of your driving requires different tires. Tires have different requirements whether used in winter or summer.

Third, choose a good quality and price combination based on your needs and budget. Tires are usually cheap because of the quality of the materials. Choose the best tire you can afford.

Fourth, choose new tires when your old ones are worn out. When the tread is worn down it’s time to buy new tires. The old ones are worn out when you can place a quarter between the threads, and edge of the thread touches the head on the quarter.

Fifth, choose a vehicle service location you can be assured cares about you and your vehicle safety. There’s a great automotive repair shop that always give you the “Once-Over Vehicle Safety Check.”

Light Truck and Auto
The premiere vehicle repair service, Light Truck and Auto, calls Burkburnett, Texas its home . Hundreds of clients regularly come from miles around because of the service, honesty, and integrity of all their employees. Stop in, meet the two owners and allow them to show you how much they care about making your vehicle safe.

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