How to Buy Used Tires

November 16, 2016

Buying used tires provides a viable, cost-effective option to expensive, new tires which ruin a good budget. Vehicle safety should be considered first for either option. Always research and follow specific guidelines when buying used tires.

Preparing to Search
The following items help in your search for good, used tires:

  • Owner’s Manual showing which tires best suit your vehicle.
  • A Penny to check the wear on the tire tread.

Find a Reputable Company

Base your decision to buy second-hand tires on saving money without skimping on safety.

A reputable used tire dealer has a requirement to sell safe tires.

Size Matters
Check the Owner’s Manual from your specific vehicle. The tires on your car may not be the correct size, so double check the manual to ensure you buy the correct size tire.

Used Tires
Only consider a matched set of tires. Different sizes and tread make for a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. Also, check for belting or other abnormal wear.

Check the tread. Roll the tire along the ground and really look at the tire tread. If the tread is uneven, then the tires are no good. Use your penny to ensure an even surface across the tire and to check the tread depth. Place the penny between the treads with Mr. Lincoln going head-first. If his head shows, then the tread is too worn.

A good used tire dealer culls out any tires that create doubt.

Final Inspection
Double check the tires after your first inspection. If you maintain any doubt, then don’t buy the used tires. “Better safe than sorry.” Don’t allow a super price knockdown to fool you.

Proper Mounting
Selecting the tires doesn’t complete your mission. Schedule Light Truck and Auto to professionally mount and balance your new, used tires. If mounted and balanced correctly, then your tires deliver a smooth comfortable ride for the rest of their lives.

Light Truck and Auto
If you need tires mounted and balanced or a flat fixed, then call Light Truck and Auto in Burkburnett, Texas or the new branch in Iowa Park, Texas. For any other car services or repairs, call Light Truck and Auto the best mechanics available. Enjoy the care and value you receive from their terrific staff.

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